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Dating and relationships
How to find relationships love, attract men and women and people I want to meet

Why real men prefer larger women
Who was it who first said that "thin is acceptable, fat is not?"

Age gap relationships
I am 43-years-old and my partner is 31

How to find your perfect partner by thought alone
Just imagine how extraordinary, but wonderful it would be.

What do women really want in a partner?
Sometimes the loneliest people are those who are trapped in unsatisfactory relationships

What men say and how women interpret it
Most women believe that the majority of men are either compulsive liars

Regaining your confidence after divorce
Divorce is never easy and yet after divorce, there is hope. More Articles

Advice by Wayne & Tamara

Recently subscribed to an online dating service
I'm not sure if it's the right time to start dating. I am still trying to work out how to return to college and finish my degree... You can't wait until you are a finished person before you start dating...

I moved out and filed for divorce
I realize now that marriage takes two people for it to work and be happy, but only one to make it miserable... The horizon moon is an illusion which fools our senses. In the same way there is an illusion which fools us when we don't have anyone. more articles

Expert Love Advice Column

Using music to draw out romance
With each year, our understanding of what we hear and feel in music deepens, especially as we begin to experience love.

Would you like to make your relationship the greatest love story ever?
It's easy to be fascinated by other people's love affairs and desire to have what they have, especially if the relationship is intense, happy, and seemingly problem-free.

Making your relationship a fairy-tale
Fairy tales have become a part of our image of what romance is supposed to be like. This image not only deceives women, but also men.

Sexual shyness
Shyness in the bedroom is common for many people, in particular women...

A woman can never be too safe
A woman can never to too safe especially when she is meeting an attractive stranger for a first date...

An affair of the heart, mind and soul
A romantic relationship is an emotionally intimate bond between two people...

The kiss goodnight
Whether you are married or single, before a date ends, be sure to tell your date...

Lonely in a relationship
Loneliness comes from being alone, not from being single. As a matter of fact, people in relationships experience loneliness as often as anyone else...

Abusive relationships
Women who get involved with abusive men are typically those who had abusive childhood home environments. This kind of upbringing tends to normalize abusive behavior in all relationships...

Doc Love Success Coach

Would Lenny Kravitz snoop on her emails?
My current girlfriend of six months, is in regular communication with her ex-boyfriend of five years. She never talks to him or e-mails him while I am around, but I have tracking software on my home computer that registers all inbound and outbound communication. The guy loves her and wants her back. Considering that she lives with me, I feel that this shows a deep lack of Integrity. What do you think, Doc?....

Would Rod Stewart buy her womanese?
I've been dating for three months now and things have been going fine except for this one phone conversation the other night. It revolved around her ex-boyfriend, who she still sees on a regular basis. (They run a business together.) Anyway, she wanted to know if I felt comfortable with that situation. The conversation then somehow shifted to the topic of cheating. She asked me how I felt about it, and if I would ever take a girlfriend back if she cheated on me...

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