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Doc Love Success Coach
Women Don't Lie - Men Don't Listen

Did Michael Douglas Ever Get Help With Girls From His Old Man?
My son, Robbie is 14 and has really discovered girls just lately. I was hoping that maybe I could save him some of the agony and torture that I went through until I figured out which end was up. He doesn’t want to listen to his old man, and he’s already acting like a complete fool when he’s around the opposite sex.
How Picky Is Vin Diesel?

Since learning your principles, I find myself being a little too picky and looking too hard at a woman’s flaws when I’m in the initial dating period. I know you tell us to pretend she’s ugly when we’re on a first date, and the more we withdraw the more she’ll chase. But I think this theory has clouded my judgment.
How Would Colin Farrell Handle The Online Personals?
I haven’t seen you talk a whole lot about this online dating thing, and I’m just wondering what you feel is the best way to handle it if you decide to use online personals.
What Would Richard Gere Do If She Didn't Like The Flowers?
About three months ago, my girlfriend's cell phone broke. From the beginning, she hated everything about the phone, from the way it looked to the way it worked. After work on her birthday I told her to pick out a phone and said “Happy Birthday!” Her reaction was not what I expected. 
How Would Jude Law Handle A Daddy's Girl?
It seems that Melinda is something of a “daddy’s girl,” and I think this has the potential to drive me crazy and ruin the entire relationship. 
Would Marky Mark Mind If She Brought A Friend Along?
The next night she invited me to meet her at the same club where we initially met. I did (probably a screw-up), and she kind of put me through the jealousy test by bringing along a male friend.

Would Hef Care If Her IQ Didn’t Break 100?
 I am meeting and dating extremely beautiful women. What I’m discovering is that the more physically attractive a woman is, the more boring and brainless she is.
What Would Jack Nicholson Do If He Found Out She Was Married? 
This beautiful Latina girl (a dead ringer for Jennifer Lopez, actually) giving me classic high interest buying signals. After getting her name I ask for her home phone number and attempt to close the deal. All of a sudden a disappointed look appears on her face and she says, “Oh, sorry, I can’t -- I’m married.”
Did Jane Fonda (Aka Hanoi Jane) Listen To The Angels When She Dumped Ted Turner?
After a romantic date, Sarah woke up the next morning and said, “In a moment of clarity, the angels have told me that it is best we work out our own paths separately.”
Would Denzel Get Her Number If He Tended Bar?
I’m a good-looking guy (I get regular female praise), take care of myself, and am completely capable of pulling Beautiful Women more often then I do. So my question is this: how in the short 10 to 30 seconds of interaction with these dangerously gorgeous girls do I ask for the home phone number?
Does Ben Affleck Ever Get Into A Fight Over His Date?
Walking through a bar, a guy looked at my girlfriend while I was with her and said, “Cheers to you, gorgeous!” In the past I would have made a hostile remark to this guy. The problem is that she squealed “Thanks!” to this jerk and kept looking over at him while we were having our drinks. How should I have handled this situation? Does this mean she was really interested in the guy, or was she just fooling around? Should I keep going out with her or dump her?

Does Michael Douglas Worry That His Wife Will Cheat?
Speed Dating? Can You Get to Vanessa Williams in Four Minutes?
If Mira Sorvino Can Rob The Cradle, Can't You?

Guys, Has a Woman Ever Bewildered You with Any of These Lines?

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Would Lenny Kravitz Snoop On Her E-Mails?
Would Rod Stewart Buy Her Womanese?

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