Paul (46)

Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England

Paul Phew here we go, I live in chesterfield in derbyshire UK, Full time job which i hate with a passion and split from wife of 7 years but together 28 years ago but we split several month ago and even though it was hard i have came through the other side and over it or moved on as they say lol.

I like to workout as often as possible and lost lots of weight and toned up pretty well but im far from a Schwarzenegger and not addicted to the gym, i do smoke and drink socially but never get para.

Im on here because since the split i realised i dont have many friends either male or female and did not was to join a dating site as im over the breakup but not ready for romance but i do miss someone to talk to and confide in and meet for chats and coffee or a drink that sort of thing.

I have kids that live with me but are all grown up my youngest is 16 (just) and eldest is 26 but they do their own thing and its just me a mad alsation dog and i mean mad lol this dog is a fruit loop and crackers and my 2 cats are not far behind it.

Anyway im woffling so i will leave this at that and see what happens so if you read this. Have a great day and may all your wishes come true soon for you.

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