Callum (18)

Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England

Callum Hi
I'm a chef living in an amazing coastal town in the U.K. I'm studying my advanced L3 professionally diploma which is a supervision qualification, I am a shy-ish person until you get to know me I don't really have the social experience. Ive always wanted to travel especially to Spain but I never really got the chance to I wasn't one of those kids that went abroad every year or goes out every night, it was a difficult family but now I'm living independently I am free to be me and set out to achieve what I started we have some things in common I work 7days a week too.
I love sports especially football I use to play for my college and school I make a great goal keeper as that was my planned career but things got the better of me and now I'm a chef, I'm bit of bad tempered chef if things aren't done and from time time I'm kinda moody but I think that falls down to cooking and stress hahaha.
My favourite quotes are- " strive not to be a success but rather to be a value" and "The only failure is not to try"

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