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Peter (68)

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I am looking for that special person to become friends with and maybe make a new life with - am retired and have recently moved to this area - have a dog and love walking him - like the countryside, seeing the wildlife and enjoying the outdoors - still feel feel young at heart and would love to meet someone to share life with again -

Amanda (36)

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Was born intersex and brought up as a boy after various ops, but at the age of eleven, I grew breasts, which were removed surgically at thirteen, due to the constant bullying and prejudice I faced daily. I hate what they did to me, so much, I was given hormone treatment to the age of fifteen, but It didn't work due to me having female XX chromosomes and now live as a female hermaphrodite. At the age of 17 I tried to commit suicide and was clinically diagnosed as female. I have come to love mysel...

Hilary (65)

Online dating in Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK England


Retired - time and energy to invest in a new relationship. I'm quite practical, with a sense of humour I enjoy UK / foreign travel, love to cook, eat out, be outdoors, museums, galleries, theatre, live music, the simple pleasures of home life- all the usual things, but which, for me, really need to be shared with someone special who also has a bit of the wanderlust about them, not too 'set in their ways'... I tried a singles holiday but, not being the solitary type, found they just confirme...

Martin (49)

Online dating in Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK England


I'm very easy going, and do like to have a laugh, and I like to smile a lot. Would love to chat with anyone, old or young, male or female. Just looking to have some fun, and hopefully brighten each others day up. I'm sure we can find something to talk about. I like laughing, motorbikes, giraffes, walking, sleeping, jelly babies, spring, geocaching, visiting new towns/villages, beef & onion crisps, smiling...oh and lots of other things. I dislike pineapple (yuch), mayonnaise, seafood (makes m...

Helen (46)

Online dating in Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK England


I'm on here to meet new people, want to know anymore just ask.

Daniella (54)

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I love many simple pleasures in life beautiful scenery concerts exploring ancient ruins reading a book playing sports great architecture and design being outdoors with the wind and sun on my face discovering another culture catching a show or simply walking around town or down the beach holding hands. I have a positive and sometimes overly romantic outlook on life. I've been quite fortunate. Yet I also believe good things happen most to those who are proactive work hard and have a positive can-d...

Dan (31)

Online dating in Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK England


Moved to the UK a year ago, I am from a small country called Malta, seeking to make new friends :D I am very friendly out going and just looking for a good time and a laugh :D hope to meet you all soon

Ben (31)

Online dating in Carterton, Oxfordshire, UK England


Hi, I'm looking for new friends and I'm also single. I am a landscape architect and I would like to expand my social circle and hopefully meet someone special along the way. I'm in love with motorcycles. I love travelling. I sometimes go indoor skiing and ice skating. Cinema, bar/pub, event somewhere sounds good too. I'm open to most things!

Corinne (29)

Online dating in Carterton, Oxfordshire, UK England


Live in Carterton and want to start meeting some new friends and get to know the area. If you want send me a message and we'll go from there