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Neil (34)

Online dating in Valley City, North Dakota, United States


Visiting Scotland in October 2017, just looking to meet new people and get recommendations of places to see, pubs and restaurants to try etc. possibly meet up to visit and have some drinks. will be a buddy and myself. so any information would be great! hope to hear from you!

Jamie (58)

Online dating in Minot, North Dakota, United States


I live in North Dakota. I'm looking for making friends with people from all over the world.

Eric (51)

Online dating in Wahpeton, North Dakota, United States


I will do some international travel soon, London, Paris, France, Germany, and Italy. I want to expand a circle of the friend from around the world and local. All ages welcome.Because we had a friend come and go which is understandable, please contact me anytime. So, anyway, I want some advice or tip from anyone from all Europe and rest of the world, I want to stay away from touristy but more like a traveler that go off the beaten path. I, welcome anyone who interesting to go travel with me. So,

Emily (22)

Online dating in Fargo, North Dakota, United States


Hey! I'm just looking for some cool people to chat with and make some new friends. I enjoy creative and fun things and I love art and food. I'm an active person who loves outdoor activities. Send me a message if you want to chat!

Jessika (32)

Online dating in Bismarck, North Dakota, United States


I am a decent, well-bred woman, in search of a serious relationship only. I have no bad habits and try to keep yourself in good shape.

Dj (24)

Online dating in Fargo, North Dakota, United States


Hi there. You probably don't know me. You won't regret getting to know me though, I promise you that. Well, I'm a furry, a brony, attempting to fit into the alternative world for starts. If you don't like the fact that I wear a collar, looking for a pet (but NO yiffing! NO YIFFING. EVER. NO, JUST NO.) and watch My Little Pony, you can piss off. Anyway, moving along... I'm fairly shy when we first meet, but trust me, you'll figure out a lot about me as time goes on. I'm pretty nerdy, you...

Jeanette (50)

Online dating in Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States


I have serious intentions to have a man in my life the I give my life time in love with him and him to me. my hobbies taking pictures and painting art nature pictures I have good personality I love any music and if I can dance the music even better. I am very mysterious I have extreme compassion and feel the pain of others. When I am happy, I am extremely happy and when I am sad I am extremely depressed. but I get my self back up and stand up and keep on going I am strong and keep on l