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"I wish to leave your dating site as i have found a partner. Excellent dating site, and very well run. Thanks very much. - Michael"

"Just wanted to write and let you know that i met my fiancée Delfina through your site. we are currently making our wedding plans, so i think you could say it worked. ironically we both joined looking for friends rather than love, but sometimes things just develop over time. Mark"

"I've made several continuing friendships and we use email now. I have all I need, but I will be glad to recommend your site to others. It's a great way to meet people and even that special someone. Gina"

"This site is fantastic already I have made 9 friends 3 from abroad as penpals (have to brush up on letter writing again) and they all e-mail me every morning and I reply so I am kept busy. I used to suffer depression due to being lonely but this correspondence is making a big difference to my life. I would like to say a big thank you to who ever started it up. Carole"

"Been having a lot of success with this site made friends with several ladies 2 are going to be penpals as one in New Zealand the other is in USA the others e-mail me one from Dundee e-mails me every day it is nice to have chats and get to know each other. I live alone have no family so the site has opened a new region of friends for me keep up the good work."

"I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant and safe site... I have been corresponding with my friend for quite some time now and we have become so close we have adopted each other as forgotten sisters!!! I never thought such a friendship could ever be found... with your site I always felt very safe replying to letters....... it's a brilliant site.... please keep up the good work!!! many thanks - Gloria"

"We want to share this story with you. Vincent from Iceland and me , Viviana from Argentina, after being penpals, we felt the need to meet each other in Iceland... something really crazy, taking into account that 12 000 km separate us...but after being ''penpals'' for almost 7 months (we started writing at the end of January of this year), we finally met in Vincent's country(although he is British). in Reykjavik and the 19th of July we found out that we love each other. now, the next step is he visiting me in Argentina. Everything was more than perfect. Thank you for everything."

"I have met the girl of my dreams right here! Cheers - Nicholas"

"I have enjoyed your site and met many friends and I thank you all, I will be back, so from the bottom of my heart thank you. Ethel"

"An excellent result! I've gained a good friend living locally and two interesting correspondents from across the globe; really giving my life a spark. Tony"

"I have been lucky enough to meet the most wonderful man I have ever known. We met on here so I hope you have the same good fortune as myself. Good luck for the future x - Sharon"

"Please can you remove my profile and all of my details from your site. I have formed new friendships from people I have met through the site and don't have much time to get on line these days to keep in touch with anyone else. Thanks for a great site. Cheryl"

"I have met a wonderful woman off this site and would love to give it a try with her... I wish you all luck in your search x ps wish us luck. Russell"

"I find the other half of me. I am very happy that I meet him and I become a member because of him. It is very far from me but not from my heart. Here it could be you. It happen to us I want to thank him that he is very gentle. And I want to say he mean so much to me. He is my life and future. It was my first time on this site but it is wonderful. Good luck to you all somewhere there is somebody waiting for you. Thanks NewFriends4U. Carmela."

"I have found some new friends through this site so would like to thank you for that, but can you please delete my profile now. thank you. Becky"

"I have met two nice girls from here which are my closest friends now! and thats thanks to you, thank you very much. Jasmin"

"I wish to inform you that I found and married a lovely girl from your dating site. Would you please remove my profile ASAP. Thanks again for your fantastic service - Bill"

"Thank you for sending me your latest new members list in my area. It has been a great success and very much appreciated. Therefore, I would be grateful if my details were removed from your database. May I take this opportunity to say "thanks" again. Debbie"

"I would just like to thank you for the thinking of It has been a worthwhile venture for me and I now have little time to myself! Please can I have my profile taken off your system now, as I don't think I could meet anymore ladies for the moment thanking you, Sheila."

"I would like to say how brilliant your site is. Since joining Newfriends  I have made some nice new friends and look forward to meet even more. Janet"

"Joining Newfriends4u was the best thing that I could have done to help myself find people with the same interest as me, who were also in the same predicament as me for whatever reason. If in the future, I hear of anyone who could do with your help, I shall certainly recommend your services at to them. May I thank you for the help that you have given me during the last year, and wish you all the best in your continued success. Kind Regards, Lorraine."

"Since joining Newfriends4u I have met persons in the same capacity as myself and find that I haven't really time to meet other members. 'NewFriends4u', I must say however, is a wonderful brainchild - keep up the good work and thanks awfully! Jade."

"Since in the past few months I have met a circle of friends through your website in my area. I would therefore like to thank you for your help through my membership with newfriends4u and I wish you continued success. Should the opportunity arise I would certainly recommend Regards, Barbara."

"I have found through Newfriends4u a wonderful new friend and lover, a woman who fulfils all my needs and desires and therefore do not envisage ever requiring the services of your site in the future. Thanks once again for your concern. Alan"

"Excellent work! To the admin team at When browsing through many of the pages i found that there were people checking your site out from as afar as Western Australia, Perth to be precise, Russia and other far off places. This is a commendable achievement to be receiving recognition from not just your base, the UK, but also globally. I must compliment your initial home page with clear easy precise information at the click of a button. I have spent wasted hours on the net sometimes browsing through sites which seem to send you in circle after circle. However it was a refreshing experience to be almost hand guided through such an amazing concept such as Having extensively travelled my way around many parts of Australia for nearly a year now one of the main aspects of travelling is the shear amount of people that you meet. From all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. Hopefully given time your site will also see to it that meeting people on that scale is matched. Its really nice to know that already i know people from many parts of the world that i can go see when ever. I strongly feel that with your concept these achievements i will be able to continue doing when im back in England. The general layout of the site is what designers would call aesthetically pleasing and this i think is true with good colour schemes and excellent positive wording. I wish all the success in the world to, and im sure that you will be. Excellent work!! Danny"

A happy customer! "Hi, Thanks for reminding me of my membership. I want to tell you that I have met a terrific guy, he's sweet, generous and very loving, his name is Alan, and of course I met him through your agency, it's a miracle. Ok it's early days, but I am very very happy, and so is he. He comes to visit me at every available opportunity. Wow. Thank you for helping to change my life Newfriends4u.. Kindest regards Pauline"

"Thanks to your site, I had a great evening last night with three of your members. We met up in Richmond and had a real laugh. They are all lovely intelligent girls and due to the nature of the jobs they do, find it hard to meet other single girls for fun nights out. Thanks to New Friends4U, we all now have a new social circle. Keep up the good work and I hope the site goes from strength to strength. Kind regards, Tania"

"Thank you for your help - I am impressed by the level of service you have offered, Tania"

"We met through your site with a 98% compatibility. We are 'totally' compatible in everything we do, say, feel, like and enjoy. So much so it's quite frightening. We even pick exactly the same things from a menu of 300 items!! However, a million thanks since through you I have found my soul mate and life partner. Nigel"

"Please remove me from your site, i have to thank you very much. not only have i met someone great, we are to be married this year in august.... thank you thank you, my new partner is someone i met through your special friends ads... i have to say i was a little scared at the thought of using a dating site, but recomend your site to many people. thank you once again. Tracey"

"I am happy to report that I have found the love of my life so I won't be needing your excellent service anymore. I would appreciate it (as would my new friend) if you would terminate my membership immediately. Thank you very much, Dawn."

"Thanks. I must say it is a pleasure to be part of a site that actually considers its members. Fran"

"I would just like to add that it was worthwhile however, thanks to your web site, I have met a fantastic bubbly attractive girl who I am spending vast amounts of time with !!!! I didn't believe your site would work....but it did. Thanks tj" - Tim

"I would like to close my membership altogether please and not receive any more updates either. I have so many penfriends now and cannot cope with more, thanks very much. Jane"

"Having met someone on your website, please can you take me off the website and your mailing lists.  Its a great website by the way. Thanks. Karen"

"A great site.. well worth a visit... giving more in terms of interest and variety in all areas whatever your circumstances... a site not to be missed if New Friends are what you are looking for. David"

"Thank you so very much for your assistance! It is a pleasure to deal with efficient, courteous professionals, such as yourself. Satisfied Member"

"I would like to say how much I like Newfriends4U. An extremely efficient and friendly website, growing daily and most attractive in appearance. It is a pleasure to browse. Margaret"

"Just thought I'd send you a little note to say how impressed. I was with your web site "Friends 4U". I think that the site is very well designed and presented. It's easy to navigate through its pages and find whatever one needs! I have already been in touch and met lots of friends. I'm sure you'll be very successful. Brenda"

Magazine Recommended - "Computer Active Magazine" and listed third under "Six of the best websites" - August 2001

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