• Perhaps you have just started, or returning to the workplace and hope to find female friends?
  • Do you have a great boyfriend but just looking for some women friends?
  • Maybe you're married or getting married but would like to increase your circle of female friends?
  • Perhaps you have children or are looking for women friends after having children?
  • Are you recently separated or divorced and looking to widen your social friendship circle of women?
It doesn't matter what your circumstances are, NewFriends4u is designed to help you find and make female friendships online
We all know how much fun it is to be with our female friends for a coffee, or chatting on the phone discussing what has been happening during our day, what has been going on at work or with our relationship interests. But as with many things in life friendships often drift apart due to changing circumstances such as age and different life events. Existing friendships will be tested when perhaps you have a career change or move to different parts of the country or even overseas.

You may be married, have children or lost a partner through separation, divorce or even bereavement. The way forward is to start seeking female friends online, which can be a wonderful boost to your self-confidence after a difficult period in your life. However, as an adult you may not find this as easy to do as it was when you were at school or in college.

This is something we have recognised and why NewFriends4u.com was created to help push you into the right direction so you can start looking for women friends online.

You may just be starting your career after leaving school or returning work after taking time off due to family commitments, you may be feeling you have a great opportunity now to create new friendships with your colleagues. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds either, trying to approach someone else at work in the hope that they may also be interested in increasing their social friendship circle can be quite daunting. Another issue with making social friends at work is that you have to be cautious about what you discuss, keep the topics easy and light and see where the friendship takes you. Avoid divulging too much personal information in the beginning as you can never be sure who she talks to or may have previously dated.

With NewFriends4u.com we have made all this quite easy for you as we can help you with meeting only those like-minded females who are also in the same position, only those just like you online! Also, should anything go wrong with women friends you are meeting online you can easily move on and this will not have any affect on your job or working environment!

Are you looking for women friends for girlie stuff although you have a boyfriend?
There are many females who simply miss doing all the girlie stuff. At NewFriends4u.com we have many females looking for friends online who already have a boyfriend but miss all the usual social girlie stuff such as shopping, fun girlie nights in/out chats, clubbing, pubbing, cinema and just getting together for coffee etc. If you are in a similar situation and would like to meet them you can click this link and Start seeking Female Friends Online.

Are you seeking female friends and making friendships after getting married?
You may find that your life will change when you get married. You could find that some of your single friends appear to become less available. Going to a club or to those events that you use to go with your friends, those single friends may not find it as easy to ask you to hang out with themů well you are not single anymore! Your social circle of friends may therefore decrease and you may also find your interests will change and the friends you use to socialise with not be quite so interesting anymore. You may find you prefer the company and conversation of other similar couples maybe to enjoy dinner parties, theatre, etc with. At NewFriends4u.com we have many married members joining online who are seeking other couples to team up with.

Perhaps you are looking for women friends after having children?

A major life event is having children. Finding other mothers who can offer similar topics of conversation and support is at this time I believe a necessity. Also this is a great way of having conversation with other females in a similar situation providing you with a chance to have some adult conversation with other mothers on similar topics away from your partner. Talking with other women in a similar situation can be very uplifting and rewarding; especially in the early years when at this time it can be very isolating until you can get to a class or playgroup.

NewFriends4u you can help you make friends with other women who are also mothers, you can then bounce ideas off one another and provide support as your children continue to grow and have the opportunity to arrange to meet up! Not only will you gain new social friends but also your children too!

Just looking for female friends after a divorce?
If you are going through a divorce you have already experienced how unsettling this can be. This can also be very unsettling for your friends also. You will find some friends will choose to remain close to one or the other, as it becomes difficult to remain friends with both of you. You may find yourself looking for friendship elsewhere and online is a great way to start! You may only wish to develop female friends to hang out with initially, but eventually you may wish to start your search for a new partner.

Seeking women friendships online
Of course there are many opportunities to make new female friends. Consider your interests and location; visit the library where normally you will find information of various groups in your area. But the easiest way to make like-minded female friends is to join NewFriends4U.com where you can also use our forum that coves various topics. A great opportunity to make multiple close social friends. And always remember as Emerson said "The only way to have a friend is to be one" Always be supportive, have time for them and give a hug when needed. Also it is important to provide some flexibility when your friends are going through their own difficult issues and life events. So it no longer matters whether you are single, separated, divorced or married, if you are looking to make female friends online, you are only one click away!

Updated November 2016


Make new friends online today!

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