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Creating your free profile & registration

After registration and creating your free profile you will be sent an email to the address you used when registering. A link will be provided to confirm your email address is correct and clicking this link will activate your registration for vetting. (If you are unable to find our email, please check your 'Spam' folder where sometimes genuine emails arrive and set your account to accept our emails so we and our members can communicate with you).

If we do not acknowledge receipt of your profile your email address may not have been entered correctly or your registration was not acceptable for our site. When your registration has been vetted and accepted you will receive our 'Welcome' email containing your log on details. For members searching our database, it is important that your Country, County/State/Province, Town and Post/Zip Code are entered correctly. Use our 'Specify if not listed' box and those places not listed will be included on our database.

I get a message saying logon failed?

This means the email address and password combination you are entering is incorrect.

I have registered but my profile is not active and I've not received my Member ID & Password

This may be due to one of the following reasons:

1. After registering, automatically you are sent an email asking for validation of your email address. Please check your email account (If you are unable to locate our email, check your Junk/Spam folder, sometimes genuine email can arrive there, then set your email account to accept our email so we and our members can communicate with you).

2. If you did not validated your email address and activate your registration by clicking the link provided within 21 days, your registration will appear invalid and be deleted. This final step of registration is necessary to check if the email address is correct, to prevent hoax registrations on our site.

3. Your registration was not accepted or suitable for our site

4. The email address used when registering was invalid

No password confirmation or communication received from us

This would indicate that the email address you provided when registering has became invalid, there is a problem with your service provider, or if you have not received a reply to your email enquiry, your answer was already displayed in our help pages.

Guidance on wording your ad

To receive more responses to your profile we recommend including and ad to your profile and one that is interesting, exciting and honest. Describe yourself first, let our other members know what what you are looking for, make your preferences known, but be careful of getting too specific. Poor grammar and spelling can be a major turn-off, check your grammar, spelling and avoid abbreviations.

Show your sense of humour, focus on who you are rather than what you are not. Attach a photo; those members with photos receive a far greater response to their profile than those members without. Members can get our free article 'How To Write A Winning Profile', which will help you to create a profile advert that attracts the people you want!

How to Log On Successfully

Logon Failed

Make sure you have an active account (your account may be under review if just registered) and follow Steps 1 to 4 Below:

1. Click this link Log On or copy and paste this link into your Internet browser:

2. Enter your 'Registered' email address into the box displayed.

3. Enter your correct password into the box displayed.

4. Click the 'Logon' button.

If you fail to log on, try copying and pasting your password into the appropriate box.

If you fail again your email and password combination may not be correct.

Request a new password and try again by clicking this link: Request Password

I've received a new Password / My password is correct but still can't log on?

It may be a setting with the Internet search browser you are using that is causing the problem:

1. Check to see if you have the latest Internet search browser version installed. If not, download the latest version and try again.

2. Use an alternative internet search browser to see if the problem still occurs i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera. If that works and you log on successfully then this would indicate it's something setup on your browser that was causing the problem.

No Password Received?

1. Our email may have been received in your Junk/Spam folder. Check your Junk/Spam folder and if this is the case, please set your email account to accept our email:

2. Check any other email accounts, you may have used a different email address when you registered

3. Your registered email address is invalid.

4. Your email account is not receiving mail.

5. Your email account is full and reached its limit.

6. Your profile is no longer active on our site.

What is my password?

Your password can be found in our 'welcome' email, which is automatically sent after you have confirmed your email address by clicking the activation link provided and we have accepted your membership onto our site. (Membership acceptance can take up to 24 hours)

If you have not received either our 'activation' or 'welcome' email or any communication from us, please check your Spam/Junk folder of the email address you registered with. If you are unable to locate any of our emails:

1. The email address you registered with was invalid.

2. There is a problem with your service provider.

3. Your registered email account if full and no longer receiving email.

4. Your profile is no longer active on our site.

Click here to get a new password enter the email address you registered with, and a new password will be sent within minutes automatically.

How do I recover my original password?

For security reasons, we do not store plain text passwords on our system and so cannot recover forgotten passwords. You can, however, request a new random password to be generated and emailed to you by clicking the link provided at the log on box. To receive a new password you will be required to enter the same email address, which you used to register with. Your password can be changed to one of your choice by clicking My Profile

My Profile and Options

I cannot find my profile. It appears to have been deleted. Why?

A profile would be deleted if:

1. You have requested it to be deleted

2. Used 'My Profile and Options' to delete your profile

3. Messages sent via our system to your registered email address bounced and we and our members could not communicate with you

4. You violated our Terms & Conditions at section 3. TERMINATION

5. If you feel you do not fit into any of the above then our system may have wrongly identified you please accept our apologies and you will have to create a new profile.

How do I update my personal information, advert or photo

Go to My Profile select appropriate tab along the top.

Change of email address

If your email address changes go to My Profile, using the tabs along the top, select 'Profile Settings'.

How do I block a Member?

Go to (Inbox) 'Your Messages' click the link 'Read Message', you will find the 'Block Member' button along the bottom of your opened received message.

You can also unblock members, see 'Block Members' tab at 'My Profile'.

How do I see who's viewed my profile?

Yes you can, see appropriate tab at 'My Profile'.

How do I change my password?

Go to My Profile, using the tabs along the top select 'Profile Settings'.

Can I hide my profile?

To hide your profile, go to My Profile, using the tabs along the top, select 'Profile Settings'. Under 'Member Options' deselect 'Show my profile in search results'. Your profile will no longer be found in search results. By hiding your profile you can:

1. Use the site to only search, send and receive messages from those you have selected to communicate with. Those members you have chosen to contact are the only people who will be able to see your profile.

2. Choose to temporarily hide your profile. Your username and password will remain valid when you return to the site.

To be found in searches again you will need to proceed as above by selecting 'Show my profile in search results.

I am a Premium Member, how do I upload additional photos?

To upload additional photos click 'Show Photo Gallery' at the bottom of the 'My Profile' page, where additional photos can be uploaded.

How do I delete my profile?

To delete your profile go to My Profile using the links on the right select the link 'Member options'. Note: After you have deleted your account all your messages and favourites information will be lost as we will be unable to recover your profile. If you prefer to just hide your profile at this time, deselect the tick box displayed at 'Show my profile in search results'.

My Photos

Why should I attach my photo?

Many members choose only to look at or respond to profiles with photos so if you don't have your photo on, you are missing out on all the action! A nice picture of yourself adds personality and presence to your profile. Members receive 10 times more responses than members without, so why not boost interest and increase contacts by uploading your photo today! To upload your photo go to 'My Profile', Select the link available under the photo image and follow our guidelines of acceptability.

Uploading my photo

Attaching a photo to your profile will dramatically increase your responses!

1. Go to 'My Profile' and Select the tab 'Profile Photo' then follow our guidelines of acceptability.

2. When uploading your photo it should be in JPG (JPEG) file format. Max file size 6 megabytes (6144kb). Please avoid very small photos. Your photo size should be at least 150 X 240 pixels. Anything smaller may not be accepted by our moderators.

3. Unable to upload your photo successfully? Contact us attaching your photo and we will upload for you.

NOTE: We cannot upload photos saved in .DAT format.

Can I upload more than one photo?

Members can upload one photo as outlined in our list of what is acceptable as displayed when uploading your photos to your main profile. Premium members can upload up to 15 additional photos on your profile page and enter a photo title and comment for each photo. Should a member of our service find any uploaded additional photos offensive they may be removed. Only logged on registered members can view premium member's additional photos.

How do I switch my additional photos to be my main profile photo?

You cannot switch your additional photos to be your main profile photo. To change your main profile photo you will need to select the link provided 'upload photo' displayed on your 'My Profile' page.

Why has my main photo been rejected?

Please ensure you check what is not acceptable when uploading your main profile photo as displayed on the upload photo page. To upload your photo, go to 'My Profile' where you will see a link to upload your photo.

Searching Facilities

How do I search specifically for a Members ID or view my full profile?

Click 'My Profile' log on, and click 'Search' which then takes you to 'Advanced Search'. Under the 'Search now' button, on the right, you will see a link 'lookup a member ID'.

Is there a way I can search for a specific location?

Use our Advance Search facility, you will need to log on first, then click 'Search' (available for members only).

How are search results ordered / Why can't I see when a member last logged on?

We no longer show when a user last logged on as our search results are displayed in the order of 'last logged on'. We disable inactive profiles so even the person on the last page of results may have logged in within only a few hours.

How do I know if a member is an active user?

Our most active members always appear at the top of search results or at our display of online members.

All our members receive an automated email notification when they receive a new message, so those who may not have logged on for a while may do so to see who has taken an interest after all that is why they have created a profile.

I don't get many compatible results when I use Advance / Premium Search?

Advance / Premium Search is based on what other people enter in their own profiles. By selecting too much criteria, you are reducing your result and will only get results from people who have filled in all that information.

We recommend that if something is not that important to you, don't select and leave unspecified. The best way to search is to start by only including the things that are absolutely essential...then add 'nice to haves' until you get a list of members that is about right for you!

We also suggest not being too restrictive with selecting just one county/region, and to also select those on the borders. Just selecting a town may also be too restrictive. Opening your age range criteria may also help.

Our site is continually growing and changing daily and new members are appearing all the time, we feel sure that you'll find new people online soon, so do keep trying!

Why can't I see who is a Premium member and who is not?

We do not highlight profiles that are not paying (or in between payments), because all users want to receive a message - that's why they are here!.

Contacting Members & Online Chat

How does sending and receiving email work? operates its own interactive messaging service. Messages can be located in your message box which are stored in our system. When a new message is received in your message box an email will automatically be sent you. In order to respond, simply hit the link received in your email, you will be asked to log on and this will take you directly to your message box. No one receives your email address until you decide to give it to them.

How does online chat work?

Basic (free) members must be invited to chat by a Premium member

Upgrade to Premium membership to invite a member to chat

NOTE: If you have hidden your profile you will not be visible online for online chat.

How do I know when a member is online?

Viewing the 'Online Members' tab, a 'Chat Now' button will be present when moving your mouse over the member's photo, indicating they are online and available to chat. If a member is not online, or is unavailable, no chat button will be shown.

A similar 'Chat Now' button will be shown on the search results, and member's full profile, if the member you are viewing is online and available to chat.

If you are viewing your own profile, then naturally, there will be no 'Chat Now' button as you are not able to initiate chat with yourself.

How do I get the "Real" email address of another member?

For security reasons, we never provide the real e-mail address to any other member or any organization outside of our site.

Using My Message Box

How do I use my message box?

1. Go to 'My Messages'.

2. To view a member's full profile, click 'View Profile'.

3. To view your sent messages: Click tab 'Sent Items'.

6. To delete messages, select box, alongside the message/s you would like to delete (which generates a tick). Select 'Delete Selected'.

How do I know if my sent messages have been read?

From 'My Messages', click on 'Sent Items'. If the 'Message' link is not bold then your message has been read. If the link is bold it has not been read.

How does sending and receiving messages work?

All members can read the messages they've received.

Standard (free) members can only send preset messages.

Standard members can reply to messages sent by Premium members.

Premium membership will allow you to send personal messages to any other member, regardless of their membership status, and they will be able to read and reply to your messages.

How do I delete a message?

click the left box alongside the message you want to delete and click the button 'Delete Selected'.

I can't find my messages - why have they been deleted?

1. When messages are received in your message box you are notified automatically by email. Received messages will only be removed should you exceed our limit, which is quite large, and only the oldest will be removed, however, we recommend you maintain your mailbox the same as you would with any other email account.

2. Another reason a message may disappear would be if a member deletes their profile from the site or a member has been removed for breaching our terms and Conditions.

You notified me of a message received but can't find any message and the member no longer exists?

The member who sent you a message either deleted their profile, breached our terms and conditions, or exceeded our set number of contact messages by sending unsuitable content. To protect our members from scammers, spammers, anyone trying to sell something on NewFriends4U or breaching our Terms and Conditions of service are removed from our system. Although we make every effort to keep our site free of dishonest ads or unsolicited advertisements, we aren't always able to immediately discern which ads are legitimate.

We regularly police our website and if anyone escapes our automatic filters or moderators whose intention is to misuse our service in anyway, (as per our Terms and Conditions) we reserve the right to remove them. This we believe is for the benefit of our members, especially for those who are less experience with finding friendship online and who may therefore be more vulnerable than others.

Some of my sent messages are missing

The member/s you sent a message to:

1) May have deleted their profile.

2) Their email address may have become invalid and our system removed them.

3) Their profile may have been deleted for breaching our Terms and Conditions as displayed under 'Termination'.

Where has my member contact information gone?

See above information on why messages may be removed.

My Newsletters & Mailings

How do I customise my weekly new members newsletter?

Your new members newsletter is generated from your last search settings at Advanced Search. Ensure you are logged on, then click 'Search' and at the 'Advanced Search' screen select your preferences without being too restrictive. Your preferences are automatically saved and will be used to generate your next listing of new members.

I received an email notifying that I have received a new message, but it's not in my Message Box!

1. If we find that a member is sending spam messages they are removed instantly from our site together with all messages they sent. Although we make every effort to keep our site free of dishonest ads or unsolicited advertisements, we aren't always able to immediately discern which ads are legitimate. We apologize for this inconvenience. It was designed to protect you, our member.

2. If a member requests to be deleted, or they have deleted their profile, all traces of the message will also disappear.

How can I unsubscribe receiving newsletters and mailings?

Our weekly newsletter: With new members listing, site updates and special offers you can unsubscribe from these newsletter mailings at anytime by going to 'My Profile' select tab 'Profile Settings' and simply uncheck the 'Send me notification emails & new member listings' checkbox.

Automatic message box notification mailings: This is related to new messages received in your message box and information about your message box. This is not a newsletter but message box notification information. This notification mailing can only be removed when your profile linked with your message box is removed from our site as they are connected to the profile you have placed and are part of how sending and receiving mail works on our site.

Automatic mailings for profile status and log on activity: These mailings are connected to the members profile displayed at This is not a newsletter but reminds the member receiving this mail message about their profile they have created. This is one way we try to ensure our active members are not contacting 'dead' profiles.

Should a member choose not to use the site they can remove their profile at 'My Profile'.

Where has my profile gone?

1. If your email address becomes invalid we will receive notification and your profile will be removed from our site as we and our members can no longer communicate via our system with you.

2. You may have selected at My Profile to delete your profile from our system.

3. Your profile was removed by our system for breaching our terms and conditions as displayed under 'Termination'.

4. If you feel you do not fit into any of the above then our system may have wrongly identified you please accept our apologies and you will have to create a new profile.

Your Favourites / Who Likes You

How do I delete someone from my favourites?

Click the link 'Remove from list' displayed at the bottom of the members basic information, you will be prompted for confirmation. You can add and remove favourites as often as you wish. PLEASE NOTE, you cannot remove another member from your "Who likes you" list.

I can't find a member who I saved in my favourites, where have they gone?

If a member deletes their profile this will remove them from your 'My Favourites' list.

Can members see that I have added them to my favourites?

Yes, when adding a member to 'Your Favourites' list you automatically appear in their "Who Likes You" list, it's a great way to show another member you could be interested!

A member who appeared in my 'Who Likes You' list has disappeared?

This would indicate that the member has removed you from their 'Favourites' list or has deleted their profile from the site.

How long will members remain in my favourites list?

Members will remain in your favourites list until you decide to delete them or the member deletes their profile

My Membership / Profile

What's the difference between Premium and Standard Membership?

Premium membership allows you to send personal messages to any member, regardless of whether they're a premium member or not, and they will be able to read and reply to your messages. You will also be able to send chat invitations to any member, again regardless of whether they're a premium member or not, and they will be able to accept or decline.

Standard members are only able to communicate with premium members who want to talk with them, either via their message box or online chat. Standard members are only able to send pre-set messages, to which premium members will be able to reply and start communicating.

As a Premium member you'll be able to communicate fully, without any limitations, with our entire database of members.

How much does Premium Membership cost?

Our Premium membership is significantly less expensive than attending social events to find new friends, which often includes paying for drinks, travel and sometimes hotel expenses. You may find your chances of making new friends at such events is also significantly reduced. Our premium membership starts per month from just 8.33 GBP, $13.41 US Dollars and 9.87 EUR.

I thought my membership was totally free?

It's free to create a profile and start using your free membership status as outlined on our 'Subscription' and 'Why Join' pages. However, we are unable to offer our entire service totally free (please see our terms and conditions of joining). The charge we make covers the cost of our service to you. We actively work on your behalf to enable us to introduce you to many new friends. As with any service/business, we are unable to labour for free, we have to cover our time and the financial expenses involved in order to make our service successful and available to you.

To get the most out of our service you will need to become a Premium member which offers you many additional features as shown on our payment page. You get to use our entire website facilities created and designed just for you to achieve your aim. 'Premium Membership' indicates to our members that you have been validated by us, so members know you are genuine and sincere in your search.

We believe the small charge we make is low and affordable for most people and consider it to be significantly less expensive than attending social events to find new friends, which often includes paying for drinks, travel and sometimes hotel expenses. You may find your chances of making new friends at such events is also significantly reduced.

In terms of value, when considering the cost of 'just one evening out' in the hope of doing the same, the reality is it's going to cost you a great deal more! So we believe that, if you are serious in your search, the cost of subscription for Premium membership is a pretty good deal!

Why don't you offer a free trial?

Are you a member? Then you have a free trial! Becoming a premium member opens up our entire website facilities to you and opportunity of meeting many more people online fast! Communicating with subscribers ensures more online safety and they are naturally considered to be much more sincere in their search.

Are my card details safe?

YES. Your payment details are taken through a secure server. We don't authorise your payment details, this is done via a secure connection by way of our payment provider to Barclays Bank using the latest encryption technology available. No-one at has access to your bank details as we do not store such information.

How does payment charges work and will you re-bill me?

No, unlike many similar services we do not automatically re-bill. When a Premium subscription expires a profile simply reverts to being a Free Profile, you then have the option to upgrade again by using the 'upgrade link' on the my profile page. Your profile will still be seen online like any other profile.

I wish to cancel will I receive a refund?

At NewFriends4U you are able to view all our users before deciding to register, and as a free member try the site as well as having the opportunity of sending free pre-set contact messages before deciding to pay. Our 'open policy' is designed to help you make a considered choice in advance of joining the community. We don't therefore offer refunds after the point of subscribing as we have opened our entire website services to you. Your Premium membership period selected will remain active until expiry.

What happens when my premium membership expires?

You will receive an email to renew your premium membership or you can upgrade on your 'My Profile' page. Any unused portion of your premium membership will be added to your chosen subscription period. If you don't renew for premium membership your profile will automatically revert to free membership status and you will no longer be able to use the premium membership facilities. Your profile will still be seen online like any other profile. We do NOT repeat bill our customers.

How do I delete my profile

To delete your profile go to 'My Profile', select tab 'Profile Settings' seen on top right. Note: After you have deleted your account all your messages and favourites information will be lost as we will be unable to recover your profile. If you prefer to just hide your profile at this time, deselect the tick box 'Show my profile in search results' displayed under 'Member Options' and click 'Save Changes'.

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