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Mehrdad (30)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Niedersachsen, All Regions, Germany


I like to continue my education here in Germany so I am learning German at the moment and I would really like to have German female friend.

Sveta (25)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Berlin, All Regions, Germany


I am from Russian, but now I am studying in Berlin and finding new friends. I want to improve my english and I will be glad to write or talk on English)

Tania (45)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Cologne, All Regions, Germany


Hi there I am interested in meeting people and making friends in bonnie Scotland or everywhere else in Great Britain. I have been living with a scotsman four 5 years and traveled to the UK many times now. I love the whole Country and the Folks living in it. as working for a US Company I have to talk English every day but I thought it might be a good opportunity to talk about different stuff and improve my vocabulary by chatting with native speakers . Also I would'nt have to choose professoinal topics wich would be pretty much appreciated. ;-)

Thomas (42)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Oberhausen, All Regions, Germany


Hi people! I was born one in Dublin but am grew up in Germany. My interest is to found friends they living in Ireland, because it is very important for me to stay in contact with the irish society. I hope to find friends here and I would be very happy if someone writes me. At the moments I live alone.

Dev (37)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Munchen, All Regions, Germany


Hello friends, I am from the land of spirituality, diversity and biggest democracy in the world. I am here to make new friends and fill the gap of loneliness. I believe if you have good number of friends then you can leave longer and healthy. A good friend is just like a medicine of life who can help you to survive in such a challenging and unseen world. I am ready to discuss in any good topics which might be a good start-up for any good relation. I know its very difficult to have understanding and faith on such type of platform, but in the same time I believe everyone have an inner soul, that definitely not that dirty. So many more to go in coming days, hopefully I enjoy the company of different people from different country.

Richi (35)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Ingolstadt, All Regions, Germany


Hello, my Name is Richard and i searching People to improve my english and to find new friends. Don t hesitate to contact me.

Thomas (36)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Hamburg, All Regions, Germany


Hallo, please am looking for friends help me speak and write Deutsch since my Deutsch is not all that good. Hope that person is here, i can also help the person with English.

Michal (24)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Berlin, All Regions, Germany


Hello! I am Slovak guy that has recently moved to Berlin. I am looking for some new friends, be it online or offline.

Marcus (47)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Ottersberg, All Regions, Germany


I am single living alone near Bremen and looking for a girlfriend for a long term relationship

Juliane (25)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Regensburg, All Regions, Germany


Hi everyone :) As I love travelling, I'm also looking for new friends, especially from overseas like the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. I'm a bit of a nerdy person who speaks sarkasm fluently, but we sure will have a great time together as I am curious about you and your life :) Just ask me if you want to know anything about me, I am looking forward to your messages!

Ehsan (30)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Schwerin, All Regions, Germany



Kortney (21)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Chemnitz, All Regions, Germany


My fiancÚ and I, are looking to make new friends here where we live! I am from the U.S originally (I speak English) and I'm 20 years old. My fiancÚ (Martin) is from Germany but speaks English/German and is 19 years old. We are located in Saxony, Germany. (Far East side) In a city called Chemnitz.? Cheers to finding friends!?

Christin (20)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Stuttgart, All Regions, Germany


I'm just searching for friends and I'm not looking for a partner. I just want to be there for someone who feels lonely. I'd be happy if I could help someone out there. If you want to know more, just text me :)

Tyler (26)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Weiden, All Regions, Germany


I'm from the US and don't have any friends here in Germany but am looking to change that. I would like a group of friends to hang out with on weekends. I am really easy going and like drinking, playing video games, watching movies, exploring/traveling... whatever. I'm married but my wife is in the US

Lisa (22)

Find Friendship or Penpals in Cologne, All Regions, Germany


Hey guys! Feel free to contact me! :)