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Christian (51)

Online dating in Krakow, All Regions, Poland


I am single and am a fun-loving, caring person. I love animals and am a professional dog trainer. I am living in Krakow, Poland and have a job here working 9- 5 . I love it very much. I am looking for a lady to be my best friend and lover. Oral and written polish would be of preference to me!

Emilija (27)

Online dating in Warsaw, All Regions, Poland


I 'd love to find someone for being not alone! =)

Kate (28)

Online dating in Belzyce, All Regions, Poland


I'm happy but quiet, easygoing but philosophical. Full of contrasts. Just would like to know someone like me ;)

Alex (25)

Online dating in Krakow, All Regions, Poland


I'm from Ukraine but moving to Krakow in 6 months. I'm going to study international relations there. I'm looking for polish friends who don't mind to hang out there and maybe help me to learn more about the country and polish culture. I'm interested in music, I listen to a lot of jazz, indie rock stuff. Love going to the concerts. I'm easy-going, fun person. I play guitar and love to learn languages.

Martyna (28)

Online dating in Katowice, All Regions, Poland


I'm just... me :)

Marcelina (23)

Online dating in Gdansk, All Regions, Poland


Just write to me! Cheers! :D

Joe (43)

Online dating in Warsaw, All Regions, Poland


I'll tell you later everything

Paul (29)

Online dating in Bydgoszcz, All Regions, Poland


People, Friends, LOVE?

Marek (29)

Online dating in Lublin, All Regions, Poland


Hello everyone! I would like to make some friends here I speak 4 languages: Polish, French English and Italian.

Joanna (33)

Online dating in Bydgoszcz, All Regions, Poland


hope to meet someone who can change my point of view and life style... To much work and stress...need to learn how to stop for a while and notice simple things in life...CARPE DIEM

Lukas (35)

Online dating in Katowice, All Regions, Poland


Hi everyone :) I am a very easy-going person :) I wish to improve my English and practice my Czech which so far is on a basic level. The best way to to this....is to make new friends :)

Justyna (26)

Online dating in Wroclaw, All Regions, Poland


Kasia (25)

Online dating in Katowice, All Regions, Poland


Hello everybody! I'm here because I'd like to meet new people from all over the world.

Mikael (27)

Online dating in Katowice, All Regions, Poland


I just moved into Katowice, Poland for work from Finland. I had all-day job in Finland but I decided to get some experience from foreign countries and Poland was my first choice. This doesn't mean that I'm moving all around the world all the time. :D So basically, what we do in Finland? Just ice-hockey, beer and bang reindeer's? 2 of 3 was right, I love ice-hockey and beer is fine but I like other hobbies aswell like snowboarding and football. I guess football is such a big thing here? Or maybe bigger than in Finland. The movies and TV series which I follow is like How I Met Your Mother, Californication and Breaking Bad. Just give me a message, if you want to get known. "I dont bite" :)

Slawomir (28)

Online dating in Wielun, All Regions, Poland


I like white space so let me not to spoil it with these tiny purple characters :) Apart from white space I've got a passion to electronic dance music, graphic design, politics and many more. I'm looking for a woman who's intriguing, lovely and optimistic. So... hi! :) Still here? I should give you a kiss. But.. wait a moment. Is it okay to give a kiss to a stranger? So.. I've changed my mind. I'll give you two xx Poor white space :(