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Marri (30)

Online dating in Helsinki, All Regions, Finland


I am very easy-going, loving and passionate person, my dream is to find a lasting relationship with whom I can feel comfortable with. Tell him what I think and not to hide anything. But sometimes I can be unpredictable although everyone has his nature.

Thomas (55)

Online dating in Helsinki, All Regions, Finland


I am passionate about life...honest and open about what I feel and think about things. I love good conversation. I believe anything can be enhanced with genuine communication. Life is boring without someone to share with, until then it would be nice to meet new people for a coffee and conversation. You never know when or where that special person will show up.

Sirpa (59)

Online dating in Lahti, All Regions, Finland


I am a Finnish woman, young soul, not an old "granny", but rocklady. I like rock and pop music, art, comedy, humor, nature and animals. I'm looking for a man with whom I can share common interests, and you are real and honest, not fake or scammer. From Finland I have not found you after my divorce so I try my luck here. We can chat when I´m online, invite me so we can get to know each other.

Max (19)

Online dating in Turku, All Regions, Finland


Hi! I'm a young guy from Finland. People would say I'm a show off and I admit I like doing it, in both senses of the word ;D I'm not looking for a long term relationships since I don't see that ever working out, but I'm here to try new experiences and hopefully have fun, hope you do as well! I also might have a thing for older women

David (33)

Online dating in Helsinki, All Regions, Finland


Hello everyone hope you're doing well my name is David I am from Nigeria I love making new friends and I love everyone thanks

Ed (26)

Online dating in Helsinki, All Regions, Finland


I am originally from Afghanistan but have lived all around the world specially United States, I'm fun, talkative, here to find friends to hangout. I will keep smiling all the time, oh and I play basketball.

John (23)

Online dating in Turku, All Regions, Finland


Male looking for fun.

Henna (24)

Online dating in Turku, All Regions, Finland


Hello everyone! I know it shows my primary language as Finnish, but I understand English just as well so don't hesitate to message me if you know English enough to communicate with another person! I prefer long conversations over small chat, and I'm not a fan of much older people messaging me, so please be respectful with that. I appreciate my own space as well, and like to tell things in my own time. I'm open minded and accept different kind of individuals, though there are things I do not tolerate either.

Oscar (35)

Online dating in Kuopio, All Regions, Finland


(I apologize that i do NOT speak Finnish, English only) I was born in Taiwan and moved to the US in my teens. Currently been in Finland for almost a year, doing a PhD in Kuopio. I'm easy-going, a bit quiet, but enjoy a great conversation. Also I'm the type that's very hard to gain weight, so don't hate me ;) In my free time I can stay home just read for the entire afternoon, or I can go out and have a good company with friends. I like reading, cooking, hiking, or take my DSLR camera and shoot around, finding the beauty and specials in our daily life. I also like to travel, a great way to experience new things and broaden the horizons. I am also a dog person, or just animal lovers in general, had a variety of pets before. Joys of a pet is priceless :). I also like rock-climbing and camping, and snowboarding. I'm also a certified scuba-diver. I like to meet new friends, a pen friend, or a travel companion, or if things goes right, a life-long partner here. I hope to meet someone who is caring, honest, and passionate about life. Things happened before...I can take small jokes, but NEVER EVER put joking or kidding together with a relationship, I take a relationship seriously. Maybe you do not know what to expect in a relationship, but you've got to put your heart and mind, and be serious about it, and grow with your partner together in it. Drop me a message!

Femi (32)

Online dating in Joensuu, All Regions, Finland


I'm smart, caring, calm, strong easy to get along with. Have a great sense of humor. I am a very understanding person and patient but very decisive and mature when it comes to taking decisions in relationships. I could be dominant, but always listen to what people say before making conclusions. I love to have fun, hold my partner chat laugh and have some great time. In short you will get to know more of me...

Gabriel (22)

Online dating in Lappeenranta, All Regions, Finland


Hi, I'm Gabriel from France ! I'm actually in Finland, 30 miles from Lappeenranta, in the city of Savitaipale ! It could be nice to meet some new peoples around here and maybe hanging out ! Text me if you got the same interest :).

Wael (32)

Online dating in Tampere, All Regions, Finland


I had some tuff time, and i dont have a lot of friends, so be my guest

Andy (30)

Online dating in Tampere, All Regions, Finland


I am a simple guy, good with computers and IT stuffs..!! I like the company of interesting and intelligent women. I am working in Tampere, Finland. I like sports of all kind and play guitar in a small friendly band. I would cherish a friendship with a like minded woman, meet her in person and see how things turn out.

Andreas (45)

Online dating in Kuopio, All Regions, Finland


I'm looking for friendships for my next trip between Sweden and Finland !!!

Mey (36)

Online dating in Kuopio, All Regions, Finland


I am doctoral student in social science in the university of eastern Finland and I am from Iran. I am Iranian but not Arab and I think Iran is a rich cultural country that has suffer from radical politics yet Iran like an old and strong tree has rooted in the depth of earth and history and in ideal conditions, it become a shining culture and country. I hope. I am going to study social science in some countries and Finland is first target because Finland has top position in human developing.