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Alireza (38)

Online dating in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Never married, no smoking, rarely drinking, no drug, no weed, clean, quiet.

Benny (21)

Online dating in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Hello Everyone ! I’m happy and simple person. I’m looking to meet new friends. I’m a Canadian living Canada. I speak some Italian as a second language. I enjoy to cook, watch a funny movie, talk and so much more.

Samuel (28)

Online dating in Altona, Manitoba, Canada


Am calm and cool guy. And I also love to make a lot of friends. Am single as well

Nicolas (56)

Online dating in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


I am a very nice person and my friends do tell me that but in a way, I know that am nice my hobbies are very simple, I like traveling and also I love arts, drawing is one of the things I like most, at a point in my life I thought I will be an artist but you know that life has its own Way, so I guess that nature just wanted to make good drawing a part of me but if I had tried becoming an artist, I know for sure that I will excel in it, but that's by the way. I also love hiking and also watching TV not all the time though!!! lol..... I do not like staying in one place, I love moving around, My job even helps me to travel a lot,

Greg (58)

Online dating in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada


I love life! Every day is a new experience! I love to help others and enjoy laughing and watching others have a good time! I am a very honest person who will bust his butt to achieve goals in life! I am very into nature and will pull over on the side of the road to move a turtle so it doesn't get run over. I like all kinds of weather (except when it is over 80 degrees) I don't like watching people get hurt and I will defend people that can't defend themselves! I don't like people who lie or are high and mighty! People who purposely hurt others are scum and should be put away forever! But for the most part, I am a content person who believes that we should all stop and enjoy life whenever we can because we are only here a short time and letting life slip by without enjoying it is a waste! I could go on and on but you get the idea of how I am!

Lee (53)

Online dating in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada


Well, I'm very nice and I respect women a lot, being my dad was in the airforce. I'm just looking for friendship, maybe more if things go right. I own 3 cats, I live by myself and I keep a clean place even though I had a stroke 18yrs ago. People know me as a really nice guy who is loyal to others and friendly. Oh btw, i love talking to whomever answers this and well, i love to cuddle to a great movie (had to put that in,lol) I was on a social networking website but was just not for me after 15yrs on there and I'd like to become friends with some of the people on there cuzz they've been so damn good to me. So please be a good friend and understanding one cuzz friends are hard to find these days and when you do, and you trust that person, keep him/her, ok. Oh btw, i look 38, lol, Im silly when I want to be and serious when need be. My zodiac sign is Cancer. So i pretty much get along with anyone. It takes alot to get me pissed off, but one thing i HATE the most is when a guy is about to hit a women, that drives me nutso. There is only 2 people that can calm me down cuzz all i see is skull and cross bones, lol.But im really a great guy and i just love to chat. It's late here now in Canda( 3:10 am) so i should get some sleep. I hope yall answer this. So in closing, I'M SWEET, NICE, HANDSOME, CUDDLY( hehehehehe ) and loyale to my friends. If i see one getting the shit kicked out of him/her, i jump in. Friends and Family mean NO.1 to me. WITHOUT THEM I'd be nothing, worthless, scum, lol So please be considerate and please, be my friend, ok. I love to have friends cuzz u never know what will happen to u. hehehehehehehehe waka waka waka ,,thats me being silly. So hope to hear from yall, and well, that's all.

Hitomi (25)

Online dating in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Im japanese, im living in vancouver from July for work and to learn english. I like to eat, laugh, go to beach, and something fun !

Cali (55)

Online dating in Dundas, Ontario, Canada


Modeling in my past, photography, professional country singer. I only complete the lyrics w/ a song if I feel in my heart... sounds like a HIT song. Love hearing a good country song. Especially if it's a self written. I like sketching alot if art...I love gardening... ain't crazy bout' the maintenance but i'll get in there as I l've the August results. Writing double scripts simultaneously. Whatever one makes it first ...coming to a theatre near how life goes. I love shipping box houses... things that are creative. Passion for film..... I I'd love creating my scripts one day for the viewing public. Good person, kind heart. Love this planet.

Tamara (33)

Online dating in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Hi there, from Calgary canada. I just found this site and thought i'd check it out to meet new people.

Stacy (25)

Online dating in St.John's, Newfoundland & Lab, Canada


Hey there. I worked offshore as a deckhand on supply boats for the oil and gas industry. Looking for change in my career now so I'm looking at going back to school. The reason I'm here is I miss that with my old job I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people from all over the world. I'm a very adventurous person whether it be trying new foods or new fishing locations or anything in between. I love fly fishing and always been very passionate about it. Would love to travel and take in some new countries and try fishing, learn about new cultures and try local favorites. I'm a very friendly down to earth girl and would love to meet some like minded people.

James (44)

Online dating in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada


To be honest I really have no expectations on here I have no idea what I really want but I know I am bored out of my socks and I really need to start being social I live like a hermit and hardly talk to anyone so I figured this site would maybe get me out of the hibernation mode who knows I probably won't meet anyone on here to be honest I hardly trust a soul after so many years of repetitive abuse from others it makes it really hard if you know what I mean Anyway a little about me ......

Laurie (58)

Online dating in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Hello, I'm mainly looking for pen pals in Scotland and Ireland, as I plan to come there this September and again next fall, so maybe we can actually meet someday? I have a large grown family and a full-time job in the city. I am easygoing, open and friendly once I get to know someone. I like old stuff, antiques, history and art, I love day excursions and adventures, but I'm not interested sports, the pub scene or camp outs at all. I will however go to a pub, drink whisky and act be careful there :) I tend to be a bit of a loner by choice, although, I'm very adept at keeping myself busy in life. I spend time in my gardens in the summer, however, winter here in Alberta winters can be nasty and I tend to hide away from the cold and snow. Well that's about it, have a fantastic day :)

Tim (37)

Online dating in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada


I am new to this site and please take it easy on me I am a 36 going on 37 year old man looking for a women that is nice kind easygoing down to earth and someone that is like one of the boys but more beautiful someone that knows how to treat a man and likes to do things instead sit at home and watch tv I don't mind doing that I would like to have fun go out to the movies or go axe throwing or paintballing what I am trying to say is do something new exiting and I would like to go out to a movie and I am shy at first and once I get to know you I open up. I do watch cartoons when my niece wants to go to the movies and I don't drive

Chris (26)

Online dating in Hinton, Alberta, Canada


I am ultimately looking for a relationship but until I am ready for that phase I am looking for friends and pen pals. By pen pals I mean actual letters written by pen sent in the mail. I never really know what to write for these things. I am a complicated person. DOn't hesitate to ask, it is easier that way for me to open up about myself.

Junior (36)

Online dating in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


Hello & welcome to my somewhat funny, but desperate at times online dating profile :) I wrote my profession as building trade because the option for highrise window cleaner downtown wasnt available. Ive only once used a site like this before and probably wrote a small novel of info in this box. This time im gonna do the opposite and pretty much end it here, maybe convo with people will be a bit more interesting if they dont know everything already before we speak My interest's and likes at the current time is or are. Documentaries. Poker.. Chess. Different foods.. Meeting new people.. Maybe having drinks once a month.. Im getting old now ( 35 ) and am growing out of a lot of younger traits. I was in a very bad car accident 2 years ago as well and still cant figure out how I lived.. * dont worry, im walking and fully functional now. Hope to hear from someone well balanced in a few things rather then just very high in one category and nothing to offer in any others. Plz dont mistake my last sentence or take it the wrong way, basically what I meant was a girl extremely attractive with no other values. Im not looking for someone crazy attractive with nothing going for themselves and honestly, unlike my younger years. Looks arent even mattering to me anymore,, its the person I need to meet that counts. Obviously there has to be a small spark of attraction, but yeah.. Im not after paris hilton or kim k types, I hope that doesnt come off as me being cold or bad attitude, it just seems for some reason those are the only types I attract. Ones that look good but have serious attitude problems just because they have looks and get attention, hope to hear from you if your normal and average calm an mature and not like what I previously described.. Thnx for reading..