Going on a virtual reality date or virtual social meet-up before arranging a meeting face-to-face can help you to get to know each other creating a level of comfort.  At NewFriends4U, going on a virtual meet-up, people have the opportunity to meet someone online first before committing time and money to an off-line date or social meet-up.

Video of a virtual date experience at NewFriends4U....

Inviting someone on a virtual chat
To experience virtual chat you simply invite someone on a virtual date, or a virtual meet-up, which can take place in a bar, café or various other virtual reality environments and from the comfort of your home.  Itís a fun way to start a conversation with members from all our four categories before you meet in person. Check out who's online now!

Virtual Date / Chat is technology profiled by some of these leading media organisations

You can get a really good sense of a person by having a virtual chat:
Virtual chat is less time consuming and emotionally straining then meeting every person who seems Ďperfectí in a profile.
  • If the person is funny, they will make you laugh
  • if they are interesting they will capture your attention
  • if they are boringÖ well, as you are online in a virtual situation you donít have to sit through the virtual date or social meet-up

Select an Avatar or create an Avatar in your own image!
You can either select an avatar or create an avatar in your own image. To create an avatar in your own image, when selecting your avatar, simply upload your photo and the software automatically converts your image into a 3D character.

Members love how the avatars respond to typed text:
On your virtual meet-up you will be interacting through your 3D character and your avatar will respond to the text that is typed....

  • If you type Ďlolí your avatar actually laughs out loud!
  • if you are on a virtual date you can reach over and touch the other personís hand
  • if itís really going well, you can even blow your date a kiss
  • listen to music together, (just click the speaker icon)
  • play conversation provoking games
  • express emotions and emoticons
  • each time you visit our 3D virtual reality chat you get a different environment!
So you can really have a lot of fun at NewFriends4U!
How do I go on a virtual chat?
Using Search: You will see a button showing if a member is 'Online' and available to chat, click on the button and request a chat. The member will hear a bleep asking them if they wish to accept your invitation. You can also click here to see who is currently online

Don't have a profile at NewFriends4U yet?
It takes just a few minutes to Sign-up at NewFriends4U and create your free profile, we believe the fun and friendship you'll find on NewFriends4u will make it the best few minutes you've ever invested!

After becoming a registered member of NewFriends4U
Just log on and you will see a selection of avatars to choose from on the search result pages.  In addition, you will also see a new button appear on the navigation menu where you can see our online members.

Any member (Free or Premium) can go on a virtual reality date or social meet-up, but only Premium members can extend an invitation. If you want to join in the fun by extending invitations but don't have a Premium membership yet click here to upgrade now!

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