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Oxford, Mississippi, United States

Rd Ladies I'm in no hurry to rush into something, I am here hoping for Jus one who'll get me, My story, My reasons. Not going to BS' I'm asking all responders if any, to have return trust and to be a completly open and honest truthfull person as I am seriously going to be here and with any questions you may have will be answered true blue not wanting to and am too old too play any games. So honestly lets start by saying I am here to find a friend, A possible confidaunt, Someone to share the time to know me as it would take time to know you. In the Last few years I've lost both my best friends, both my parents. I Have no children which bothers me somewhat ,I'm feeling secuded, alone, maybe a little lost in certian aspects. I mean here I sit to much time on my hands, Not being active in the great outdoors to behind bedroom doors an please don't read to deep into that I'm not at all impying sex is everything its jus been non exsistant a long time now and understandably excepted.

My Hobbies
Reading Restaurants Animals Sports (Watching) Television Computers Cooking The Outdoors Country Music Travelling Internet Pubs/Clubs
My Music
My Favourite Films
My Cuisine
Fast Food Italian Seafood American Chinese
My Personality
Adventurous Cautious Outgoing Confident Daring Easygoing Philosophical Faithful Funny Realistic Generous Happy Sensible Independent Intelligent Loving Thoughtful Loyal Trustworthy
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  • Sexual Preference
    Straight (Heterosexual)
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    Social, Penpals
  • Height (m)
    1.8288m ( 6ft )
  • Weight (kg)
    134kg [ 295lb ] ( 21st 1lb )
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  • Ethnic Origin
    Caucasian (White)
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    High School Graduate
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    With Partner
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