Dustin (36)

Pierce, Nebraska, United States

Dustin I live in Pierce Nebraska I like to work hard and I like to go on road trip would like to have kids and I have

My Style
Bohemian Business Classical Cool Ethnic Rock Stylish Sporty Trendy
My Lifestyle
Athletics Field Hockey Kickboxing Snorkelling Badminton Fishing Martial Arts Snowboarding Baseball Flying / Gliding Motor Sports Softball Basketball Football (Soccer) Mountain Biking Squash Body Building Golf Pilates Surfing Handball Bowling Gymnastics Pool Swimming Bowls Hang / Paragliding Rock Climbing Table Tennis Boxing Hiking Rowing Tennis Camping Horse Riding Rugby Volleyball Canoeing Hunting Running Walking Cricket Ice Hockey Sailing Water Polo Cycling Ice Skating Scuba Diving Water Skiing Dance Inline / Roller Skating Shooting Weight Training Darts Jogging Skiing Wrestling Extreme Sports Judo Sky Diving Yoga Aerobics Fencing Karate Snooker
My Hobbies
Art & Craft Sports Classical Music Television Computers The Arts Cooking The Outdoors Country Music Theatre Dancing Travelling Gardening Internet Jazz Music Keep Fit Movies Pop Music Pubs/Clubs Reading Restaurants Animals Sports (Watching)
My Excursions
Restaurants Singles Parties Sporting Bars/Pubs Cinema Clubs Concerts Galleries Museums Dance Shows Evening with Friends Family Opera
My Music
Mood Relaxation Opera Pop Rock Blues R&B/Soul Classical Rap/Hip Hop Country & Western Reggae Dance & DJ Disco Sound Tracks Electronic/Techno/Rave Variety Folk World Funk Gospel/Religious Hard Rock Instrumental Jazz Latino
My Favourite Films
Drama Fantasy Historical Horror Musicals Romance Science Fiction Thrillers War Western Action Adventure Animation Cartoons Comedy Documentary
My Favourite TV
Movie Channels Music Channels Nature Wildlife News Reality Shows Sci-Fi Soap Operas Sport Talk Shows Variety Shows Cartoons Comedy/Sit-coms Documentaries Dramas Educational Game Shows
My Cuisine
Greek Halaal Indian Italian Japanese Kosher Polish Seafood Sushi Thai American Vegan British Vegetarian Chinese Vietnamese Fast Food French German
My Personality
Confident Outspoken Daring Pessimistic Easygoing Philosophical Faithful Quiet Funny Realistic Generous Sarcastic Happy Sensible Independent Shy Intelligent Stable Loving Loyal Melancholy Mild Adventurous Moody Ambitious Optimistic Cautious Outgoing
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  • Gender
  • Sexual Preference
    Straight (Heterosexual)
  • Looking For
    Dating, Social, Sports, Penpals
  • Height (m)
    1.6510m ( 5ft 5in )
  • Weight (kg)
    58kg [ 128lb ] ( 9st 2lb )
  • Physical Type
  • Complexion
  • Appearance
  • Ethnic Origin
    Caucasian (White)
  • Primary Language
  • Hair Colour
  • Eye Colour
  • Education
  • Smoker
  • Drinker
  • Marital Status
    Never Married
  • Children
  • Religion