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Hunter (21)

Online dating in Monument, Colorado, United States


Well I mostly am on here to make some friends. I can best be described by five characters. First one is and most prevalent one I call the Gentlemen. I tend to be well mannered and polite. I also strive to be the most generous person in the room. second most accruing person I call the Theologian. This one represents deep meditative thinking. also somewhat of a flaw because I tend to zone out and ignore the sensory information around me. the next character is called the listener. I actually really

Sunil (56)

Online dating in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States


I'm well person out, sports, dance. I connect with people easily because I love to learn about them and learn new things. I'm active but not an extreme athlete by any means. I have a big sense of adventure which has enticed me to travel and to explore different types of meaningful work.

Sharon (36)

Online dating in Longmont, Colorado, United States


I am a new resident in Colorado, born and raised a Cali girl. The cold out here is unusual for me and makes me just want to snuggle. I am currently single because with age comes the forgetfulness on how to meet new people. I have a little boy who I love dearly and I work hard to provide for both of us. I am smart but not perfect, beautiful but not gorgeous, strong but not a body builder, available now but not for too long. ? I am looking for a friend to hang with and meet new people. So, if your

Dub (46)

Online dating in Denver, Colorado, United States


Hi there ! Thanks for reading my profile :) I am an American living in Colorado looking to meet some new friends. I have lived in both Scotland and Ireland and spent time in England. Love European culture :) I'm easy going, smart, kind, funny, spiritual, and love anything funny ! I enjoy football (American and European) shooting pool, darts, reading, animals, self improvement, good conversation, dancing, cooking, and meeting new people. Send me a message :)

Shawn (28)

Online dating in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States


Hello everyone, I'm on here because i have a hard time meeting new people. I was in the Army and have PTSD, which has made it very difficult to get out and go to the normal social events like clubs, pubs, and bars. I just want to meet new people, talk to them, possibly make some friends, and if I'm really lucky maybe ill find a woman with similar interests that would eventually like to meet haha.

Jesse (59)

Online dating in Montrose, Colorado, United States


Lonely, looking to make some friends. long marriage coming to an end. always thought i was smart, but not smart enough to get out of a marriage that died long ago.

Yessenia (21)

Online dating in Denver, Colorado, United States


Hi! I'm just looking to talk to people. All kinds of people really. I'm an aspiring neurobiologist and author. I love to read, write, listen to a variety of music, watch movies, tv shows, anime, manga, play the flute, video games. I am a fan of DC comics and enjoy Batman as my favorite superhero. I love Game of Thrones,Doctor Who, and Vikings at the moment. I love the Walking Dead Game, and so on. I am I guess kind of geeky but honestly I just love a variety of things.

David (53)

Online dating in Denver, Colorado, United States


Hi, I am looking for friends who really love Colorado and all it has to offer. I love playing golf and riding my mountain bike and attending certain venues and events, and dinner at some of the most incredible places to try. If you like a sense of adventure in the great outdoors, we can be perfects friends. Have a great day and look forward to making many new friends.

Kelly (46)

Online dating in Englewood, Colorado, United States


I'm a pretty well-rounded guy. I'm an Insurance Broker and I live in the Denver area. I like all kinds of rock-n-roll. I play guitar and write some. I love the NFL, and if it has a statistic, I probably know it. I really love women. I cannot ever get too much, or even enough beauty in my life, and I look for it everywhere I go. I like to be e-z friends, and/or deeper. I like to share all kinds of stories about life, and experiences. I'm not going to reveal my sexy secrets on this profile, you ...