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Sweet, Sexxxy, Single American Woman (30) Looking for my Sexy, Welsh Bloke.

Call me "Cariad"; i'm quite the adventurous lil pirate girl; sweet, saucy, & sassy, fun-loving, intelligent, & charismatic; i'm most definitely a unique kitty...

My interests/ true loves: anything Beatles; all things Welsh- music, language, culture, people; pirates; football (the real kind & the AMerican kind); traveling....

It's been my life-long dream to live in the UK; sadly, unfortunate fate had me born American. But I've made 3 solo trans-Atlantic crossings over the past year to get a true sense of the country. I've taken the train from London to Cardiff to Swansea to Bangor to Caernarfon to Liverpool to Dublin and to many beautiful, captivating, mesmerising lands in between. I'm getting ready to move to the UK- not sure where, but pref. Wales- and i'm looking for mates to meet when i get there. Love to meet a man who's willing to put me up for a while, til i get situated on a new continent. But I am looking for friendship, fun, companionship, sex, love(??) from a great sexy Welshman (or an Englishman), though note of caution to the English blokes- i'm Welsh-obsessed, a true Cymru-phile, absolutely fascinated w/ the culture, people, language, society, & wonderous scenery- though i know there's much more beauty in England, which i am longing to see. Note that i only want/like/date/shag Welsh or English men; though i live in the States, i frequently set-off on overseas adventures to meet men with whom i may have a cosmic connection. And the next time i fly over (i always land in London, then take the rail from there), it will be to stay, and i hope only to return to America for family visits... i've known since i was a child, since the very first time i heard the Beatles, that i was truly meant to live in the UK. My next trip will be permanent... If you're up for adventure, and this sounds like a fit, message me!

Member IdF105136
Gender Female
Town Pittsburgh
County/State/Province Pennsylvania
Country United States
Height (m) 1.6002m ( 5ft 3in )
Weight (kg) 52kg [ 114lb ] ( 8st 3lb )
Physical Type Small/Petite
Complexion Fair
Appearance Attractive
Ethnic Origin Caucasian (White)
Primary Language English
Hair Colour Dark Reddish Brown
Eye Colour Grey
Education Bachelor's Degree
Profession Barmaid
Smoker Regular
Drinker Regular
Marital Status Single
Sexual Preference Bi-Sexual

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